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VIRTUAL WALK-THROUGH OF MANIC BOTANIC Hosted by The Blue Review Project Space, curated by Garvey|Simon and Dina Brodsky

Join us in our virtual gallery for a stay-at-home walk-through of our exhibition, Manic Botanic. 

Manic Botanic Exhibition Catalog
Margot Glass in Watercolor Artist Magazine
Margot Glass in American Art Collector Standing Still, by John O'Hern
Plant Cure - in collaboration with Brooklyn Botanic Garden
Orion Magazine Behind the Cover: Margot Glass, Dandelion
Woven Tale Press, June 2019
Landing the Museum Show; Ilona Pachler Makes Waves in Santa Fe
LEAVINGS: The After Images Wall Street International
26 Jan. 2017
LEAVINGS: The After Images Artsy Editorial
4 Jan. 2017
Margot Glass on Artsy
Margot Glass on 1stdibs