Linda Kamille Schmidt's abstract fiber art pieces are primarily framed, but occasionally, she crafts flowing, hanging works. All her pieces exude a playful spirit, characterized by vibrant and weightless colors that interweave and interact, giving rise to optical illusions within their layers. The intersections between the geometric fabric layers resemble the blending of pigments, evoking a painterly sense of movement and effortless fluidity.


Linda Kamille Schmidt received an MA in drawing and an MFA in painting from the University of Iowa. In 1989 she relocated to Brooklyn, NY and has lived and worked there since. Schmidt creates fabric pieces and installations by sewing together layers of colorful transparent panels. She is interested in the ways that fabric is used publicly (celebrations, marches, banners and fairs) and privately (quilts, clothing, home furnishing). In addition to these practical uses, she considers how fabric can also function as an incubator for thought and contemplation. Linda's sewing and design skills have been passed down through generations of women in her family.


Solo and Group shows have included AIR Gallery (New York, NY), Ann Street Gallery (Newburgh, NY), Art in Embassies (Kohor, Republic of Palau), Art Mora (Ridgefield Park, NJ; Seoul, South Korea; New York, NY), ArtPort Kingston (Kingston, NY), Carroll and Sons Gallery (Boston, MA), Chazou Gallery (British Columbia), Cheryl Hazen Gallery (New York, NY), Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center (New York, NY), Curious Matter (Jersey City, NJ), DeDee Shattuck Gallery (Westport, MA), Denise Bibro Fine Art (New York, NY), Main Window Dumbo (Brooklyn, NY), Port Washington Public Library (Port Washington, NY), Praxis Gallery (New York, NY), Readywipe Gallery (Holyoke, MA), Ridderhof Martin Gallery at the University of Mary Washington (Fredericksbur, VA), Robert W. Regier Art Gallery at Bethel College (N. Newton, KS), Saunders's Farm (Garrison, NY), State of the Arts Gallery (Hong Kong), Tilly Foster Farm Museum (Brewster, NY) and other venues. 



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