Julien Gardair is a French artist based in New York City since 2007. His cutout paintings, installations, sculptures, and works on paper are known for their adherence to strict sustainable systems. Gardair's art frequently incorporates a blend of languages and stories, creating a diverse and multilayered visual experience.  SEE LINK AT BOTTOM FOR AVAILABILITY AND PRICING


Artist Statement


The painting cutouts series started in the Spring of 2022. The works in the series combine the materiality of Support/Surfaces, and the exuberance of Pattern and Decoration and share the radicality and constraints of Minimal Art. They are ambiguously strange objects with weird identities. They are at the same time political statements, bold paintings, textile and craft works, and decorative ornaments. They are physical, and abstract and can sometimes include represented subjects. The painting cutout series use folding, cutting, and stitching to bring together three surfaces, often painted, in a harmonious composition. Experimenting with different techniques and materials, the series explores the interaction of these surfaces and creates a space for contradictions to coexist. Using a sustainable system, no parts of the paintings are discarded during the cutting process, and all pieces are attached, allowing the original paintings to be restored if desired.

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